PM scoops top honours!

Accolade richly deserved after brilliantly bringing Britain to her knees


by Steve Cook

Typo City 9/9/20

Boris  Johnson, the British Prime Muppet last night walked away with top honours at the gala Daily Scare Services  to Satire Awards.

Deadly bath pandemic shocks nation in gullibility outbreak

Millions at risk from hygiene, say experts

by Steve Cook

Typo City 5/8/20

The government today reacted furiously to seeing  months of hard work needlessly terrifying people for their own safety undone in a single newspaper article.

The offending article appeared in the Daily Mirror and reported on how, according to a statistician working from the government's own figures, the statistical risk of dying from COVID19 is about the same as taking a bath (see article here).

More symptoms of COVID19 found!

Millions advised to hide in cupboards

by Steve Cook
Typo City 1/9/20

Researchers are celebrating tonight after having saved the world from not having a threat to worry about by discovering a whole battery of new symptoms for COVID19 in addition to the battery of new symptoms they discovered last week.

COVID19 wins coveted award!

Scoops top honours including "Most Brilliant Disease of the Decade"

by Steve Cook
Typo City 31/8/20

Last night's Pandemic Epidemic and Disease Oscars (PEDO) event saw COVID19 win the covetted Most Brilliant Disease of the Decade award along with a host of other top honours including:

NEWSFLASH! British PM Rushed to Hospital!

The nation mourns as medics report, "nothing to worry about"

by Steve Cook

The White House, Washingborough 27/8/20

British Prime Muppet Boris Johnson was rushed to hospital this morning after being taken ill. He was struck by a series of dizzy spells before and during a press briefing in which he was seen to lean on the NHS in order to steady himself.

Twerpgate: the Rise of Stupid

How the British governmen's remaining brain cells were lost

by Steve Cook

Typo City 25/8/20

For months now the nation has been mystified as to why the government relied so heavily on the mathematical models of Imperial College Professor Neil Ferguson.

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