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British scientists discover pothole virus

Famed movie stuntman to attempt world's most dangerous stunt.

The Yes-Men: Armageddon Productions releases latest blockbuster

"Boil Back Better!" says Boris

Government issues new genius advice for saving on your energy bills as the costs of luxuries such as boiling a kettle rise.

Scientists have discovered that Covid19 wiped out the dinosaurs

Vaccines proven innocent beyond reasonable thought 

Athlete's Foot may cause strokes/heart attacks say top secret scientists. 

Nation Braces for BS epidemic after shock revelations from the Klaus Loon Centre for Global Dementia 

New improved PCR Test to be introduced next week

PCR Test horror shock 

The Nation rejoices as Government announces new strategy for getting chemicals into children 

Breaking News! Every citizen soon to have a variant named after them?

Government reveals "titanic raft of measures" designed to win the War on Democracy 

Rapid-profit, Test-and-Jab system launched

People to test themselves hourly for 115 infectious diseases: public overjoyed as has nothing better to do 

Ye Inquisition Debunketh ye Fake News! 

A brand new superhero joins the fight against Reality!


Scientists discover the UK government is brilliant

Gang of Loons not demented, shock 

Hollywood script writers' coup, UK government falls

Sciency movie scripts shape national policy 

Scientists have discovered that vaccines are Brilliant

And we are not even lying this time 

Dandruff: the Horror Exposed!

Horrific news more horrifying than the previous horror, everybody horrified 

COVID19 spreads to soft drinks, shock!

Government left with no choice but to do something demented 

Scientists have discovered COVID19 causes brain damage!


Pfizer "just like Jesus" says UK Health Sec

Tests show miracle vax 100% safe for those who don't take it. 

Government to put army of Psychic Marshals on the streets

Clairvoyant "vibe sensing" to replace less accurate PCR test. 

Fears mount as stupidity threat escalates amid terror, shock

Tests reveal thousands across the country may be dim 

A Daily Scare COVID health tip to help you stay well

My wife says this can't fail - by Daily Scare Health correspondent   

Conservative scientists now believe that COVID19 wiped out the dinosaurs

New Daily Scare columnist Dave Trewth reports 

Prime Minister announces three tier COVID Terror system

The nation appalled (but also terrified so going along with it) 

People are living longer with COVID19 says Pandemic Supremo

Government efforts to spread disease vindicated

2019 and earlier
Greetings, minions!
New discovery uncovers hidden cause of recession
Your Brain Should be a Lot Smaller, say Psychiatrists
Charity reiterates seasonal warning that a government is for life not just for Christmas
New Charity to help Millions facing a bleak Christmas
Government to Clamp Down on Layabouts and Scroungers
Digital Carnage under Threat Say Experts
General Election 2019. The Puppet Show Continues
Government to Borrow Money to Get Out of Debt
Man not friends with Jeffrey Epstein exposed
Boris Johnson in dramatic new pledge shock
Last night's televised political debate re-match - text in full
From Brexit to Brussov: UK to leave EU and join Russian Federation?
Tree-planting "War of Promises" rages as election Day of Doom looms
Power elite finds answer to universal mistrust - everything now lovely
Inventor of the plastic toilet seat blamed for epidemic of buttock disorders
9/11: New Evidence Exonerates US Government
Giant hedgehog facing extinction, scientists fear
US scientists develop world's first GMP (Genetically Modified Politician)
English Rugby - New Horror!
Gorilla identifies as human, wins World Heavyweight Crown
Trump linked to sinister Russian maniac
Why Trump got elected - the truth
New speed limits for pedestrians in force by 2021
Airport Cupcake Scare
5,000 Gang Members to enter Rehab to cure Addiction
Miracle Drug Solves Everything
Washington helps everybody know what's going on

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