DotShit to be the new DotCom?

If you are looking for a way to make your website more catchy, then a digital marketing
company may have the answer!

Tech giant Microdross have launched a new series of domain names that will make your website or blog sound more gangsta.

Gangsta as you know is currently considered by everybody except sensible people and other subversive minorities to be really, really cool. The coolness may well account for the rise in the popularity of having no dress sense, speaking in ways nobody can understand, ending sentences with "and shit", referring to your wife or girlfriend as "bitch" (which women find really, really endearing), mugging, drug dealing and other amusing pastimes.

Inspired by the gangsta cultural movement, Microdross therefore have copyrighted the .shit domain and are selling the much sought-after .shit domain names to the general public at a very reasonable price of $150 per year.

Many companies have already transferred their domains to the new, catchy digital address. Some examples are: to and the Royal College of Psychiatrists website has changed to www.brain-u-like.shit.

Even the British government has been swept up in this new popular trend, with the Inland revenue switching from to in the hope of improved rapport with its clientele.

That's enough .shit for now.

You can find the author of this article at steve-cook.shit