Vaccines haven't killed anybody important, the nation rejoices!

by Steve Cook

The government, its pharmaceutical industry overlords and similar eugenics cartels are today breathing a sigh of relief at the news that Covid vaccines have not killed anybody important.

Latest top-secret research, due to be released some time after the end of the century, is reported to show that whilst vaccinated plebs are dropping like flies in vast numbers, elite sectors of society such as billionaires, politicians, warmongers, journalists, members of elite clubs such as Save The Aged Oligarch and Friends of Jeffrey Epstein and similar Top People have for mysterious reasons that have baffled officialdom, been spared the carnage.
The UK Parliament is a good example of this phenomenon, with MPs and ministers statistically notprone to the astronomical excess deaths that have beset the rest of the country. This ability of our beloved politicians, ministers and bureaucrats to cheat death has spurred national rejoicing.

The most likely explanation for Top People being spared the heart attacks, turbo cancers and the full spectrum of benefits of vaccination is said by completely honest and trustworthy government scientists to be mainly coincidence.

The coincidence is statistically so pronounced that it is almost as if Top People were accidentally given a saline solution instead of the vaccine or even nothing at all. This of course is a nonsense that has the nation's elite laughing their heads off because Top People were keen from the outset to join in the fun of being playfully injected with Big Pharma's mystery chemicals proven completely safe in thousands of scientific press releases after minutes or even hours of safety testing. Many were in fact filmed or photographed being injected with something so as to encourage the riffraff, plebs, hoipoloi, voters and other useless eaters to step up and get injected.

Scientists reveal that we may never know the reason for this miracle but the fact that they have not killed anybody important will, it hopes, silence the vaccines' many rabid critics.