The Yes-Men: Armageddon Productions releases latest blockbuster

X-Men II: the Yes-Men

Review by Steve Cook

This latest blockbuster movie from Armageddon Productions is directed by famed Bulgarian Director Salazaar Bim ("The Da Vinci Covid"  and "The Man Who Lost His Sandwich")

A sequel to the highly successful X Men, Yes-Men features a new band of superheroes who say "yes" to everything they're told by international supervillain Klaus Loon.

Loon’s organization, disguised as a charity known as “Help The Aged Oligarch”, is dedicated to taking over the planet, re-setting it to be worse than it was in the first place, and thereby unburdening humanity of everything that makes them miserable such as money, property, freedom, not being implanted with microchips and so forth.

Our band of heroes is led by Rish Rich, an almost lifelike automaton whose superpower is the ability to absorb money from his surroundings and rematerialise it in the bank accounts of his chums. His sidekicks include Jeremy the Chancellor whose superpower enables him to lay waste entire nations by taking common sense and economics and throwing them to the winds, Matt Midazolam, a humanoid alien who can make people and other undesirables drop dead just by being a Health Secretary and Neil the Mathromancer who can alter reality into a complete fiction by conjuring up mathematical models.

The movie features the Yes-Men's trials and tribulations as they try to use their superpowers to win the War on Common Sense by bringing into being a Great Depression thought to be the only thing that can save Planet Earth  from the fate of not being fleeced by elite pedophiles and other "Chosen Ones" wisely chosen by themselves to lord it over humanity.

To be released when you are least expecting it.